Why I Created BWAction.com

I created BWAction.com as a way to share information about the frustrations felt by the community over the events that occurred on November 19, 2013. But, as I become involved more in the community, I also realized we need a way of knowing who our local elected officials are and how to engage them.
We elect people to represent us on the various levels of government. Everyone knows who the candidates for President are, but we are far less informed with candidates for local offices.   I personally know it is difficult to choose among candidates for school board.  This is regrettable since the school district is responsible for the two things most important to us, our children and tax dollars.  Our district has  a $60 million budget.  How that money is allocated has a profound impact on all of us.  Those expenditures directly effect what outcomes our children will achieve as the progress through the grades to graduation.
This is the reason I created BWAction.com, I want to learn more about what is going on locally, specifically our school district. And, I want to facilitate the learning of others.  Responsible choices in the voting booth can only be made by informed people regardless of political affiliation.
I don’t want this site to endorse a specific person or party.   I would prefer it be a place to gather and disseminate data, informations, and the thoughtful opinions of others as they react to what they learn.  Ideally,  board members will join the dialogue and engage us more fully.
 We all want new and improved schools and an engaged community.  We can achieve those goals with a better informed citizenry.  Won’t you join me in this effort ?
Would you like to help me and make this site ours instead of mine?
Would you like to help make us all Baldwin-Whitehall Proud!
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